This website is respectfully dedicated to the memory of the 56th Fighter Group and its associate support groups. In the skies over Europe during 1943-1945 the 56th established itself as the USAAF's top fighter group and created a legacy that will never be surpassed. The intention is to make this site the definitive online record of the 56th, in such a way that will appeal to veterans, historians, modellers, and students of the "Mighty Eighth" and the air war in Europe in general.

Thank you to everybody who has contributed to this site from the time when it was just an idea deep in the mind of a 56th FG historian and fan, to the point it's reached today. The site is still very much in its infancy and will grow over time. Special mention at this point must go to Kate Moore for her fabulous design skills and endless patience in putting this together.

Thank you to all the 56th veterans and their relatives for their messages and support of this site.

Everyone at the Halesworth Airfield Memorial Museum for their friendship and support in my research endeavours.

Zachary Baughman at EAA for allowing me to use the Timeless Voices Interviews.

A special thank you to Peter Randall of Little Friends for his support, encouragement, and expert advice on hosting an 8th Air Force related website right from Day 1 of this project.

Veterans and relatives of the 56th, this is YOUR website. If you have any memories, scanned documents or photographs etc that you would like to display on the site please contact us. Any items sent to this site will automatically be passed on to the 56th Fighter Group Museum at Halesworth to be added to their archives.

56th Fighter Group in WWII