John Zasadzinski was assigned to the 56th Fighter Group early in 1942 while they were
based at Connecticut, and before the group received the first P-47 Thunderbolts.
He became the 61st Fighter Squadron photographer and remained with the 56th
for the duration of its service in the UK. During his interview for the Timeless Voices project, John mentions his photo album on a few occasions.

After the interview had finished,
John allowed the EAA team to
scan the photographs.
Alongside many of the official pilot portraits, we get a rare look behind the scenes at the workings of the
61st FS, and the armament
section in particular.
Also included in the album are photographs of aircraft which
found themselves landing
at the 56th's bases for various reasons, spectacular air to air
images of P-47 formations,
and photographs taken by John
from the air during his sightseeing flight over mainland Europe after the end of the war.

The contents of the photo albums below appear on the website by kind permission of John Zasadzinski,
and were scanned by Zack Baughmann. Thank you guys!

Click on each batch of photos below for the full collections
John Zasadzinski's photos
John Zasadzinski's photos

Click on the photos above for pictures of
56th FG personnel at work and off duty

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Click below for pictures of aircraft
rarely seen at the 56th FG base

Click on the photos above for a collection of
air-to-air pictures and ariel views of mainland Europe

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Click on the photos below for an album of
56th FG personnel including many unseen promo-shots

John Zasadzinski's photos
John Zasadzinski's photos

Thankyou to John Zasadzinski of the 61st Fighter Squadron and Zack Baughmann of Timeless Voices
for making this page possible