April 1943

8th. First operational flight. Circus with 4th FG-St Omer.

13th. First mission. Rodeo-St Omer. Uneventful.

15th. Rodeo-St Omer. Uneventful.

17th. Rodeo-Knocke. Uneventful.

21st. Rodeo-Masslius. Uneventful

29th. Rodeo-Hague-Woensdrecht area
First E/A encountered. First MIA. J.McClure (62) W.Garth (62)

May 1943

3rd. Rodeo-Knocke. Uneventful.

4th. First Ramrod. B-17 penetration escort-Antwerp. Uneventful.

7th. Rodeo-Bruges. Uneventful.

13th. Ramrod-St Omer. Uneventful.

14th. Ramrod-Antwerp. First claims. 0-1-3

15th. Rodeo-Amsterdam. Claims 0-0-2

16th. First two mission day.
(1) Rodeo-Flushing.Uneventful.
(2) Rodeo-Dunkerque.Uneventful.

17th. Rodeo-Morlaix.Up-Exeter.Uneventful.

18th. Rodeo-Flushing.Uneventful.

19th. First Circus-Ijmuiden.Uneventful.

20th. Rodeo-Amsterdam.Uneventful.

21st. Rodeo-Flushing.Uneventful.

25th. Rodeo-Knocke. Uneventful.

26th. Rodeo-Hague.Uneventful.

27th. Rodeo-Roulers.Uneventful.

28th. Rodeo-Dixmude.Uneventful.

29th. First 16 aircraft formation. Ramrod-Rennes. Up-Exeter. Claims: 0-1-0

31st. Rodeo-Courtrai. MIA P.Williams (63)

June 1943

5th. R.Allison (61) killed in training flight.

7th. Rodeo-Ghent.Recalled.

10th. Rodeo-Ghent. Uneventful.

(1) Rodeo-Eecloo.Uneventful.
(2) Rodeo-Hazebrouck. Uneventful.

12th. Walter Cook (62) scores first victory. Rodeo-Roulers. Claims: 1-0-0

13th. Rodeo-Ypres.Claims:3-0-2.

17th. Rodeo-Flushing.Uneventful.

20th. Rodeo-Woensdrecht. Uneventful.

22nd. Ramrod-Antwerp. Uneventful.

24th. Rodeo-Dordrecht. Uneventful.

25th. Rodeo-Amsterdam. Recalled.

26th. Ramrod-Villacoublay.w/d. Claims: 2-1-1
First WIA. R.S.Johnson.(61) C.Clamp(63) First Bailout. R.A.Johnson (62)
MIA.R.Wetherbee (hq) M.Eby (61) L Barron (61) R Dyar (63)

28th. Ramrod-St Nazaire. Uneventful.

29th. Ramrod-Villacoublay. w/d. Uneventful.

July 1943

1st. Rodeo-Rotterdam. Uneventful.

2nd. Rodeo-Le Touquet. Uneventful.

3rd. 61st FS TD for a week to RAF stations Kenley, Biggin Hill and Tangmere.

6th. Rodeo-Rotterdam. Uneventful.

8th. Group moves from Horsham St Faith to Halesworth.

9th. Rodeo-Ghent. Uneventful.

10th. Ramrod-Abbeville. Uneventful.

14th. Ramrod-Amiens.Uneventful.

16th. Rodeo-Dunkerque. Uneventful.
62nd FS TD to Kenley, Biggin Hill and Tangmere.

17th. Ramrod-Amsterdam. Uneventful.

(1) Rodeo-Flushing. Uneventful.
(2) Rodeo-Amsterdam. Uneventful.

(1) Rodeo-Flushing. Uneventful.
(2) Rodeo-St Omer. Uneventful.

27th. Rodeo-Rouen. Uneventful.

(1). Ramrod-Dordrecht.Uneventful.
(2). Rodeo-St Omer. Uneventful.

(1) Rodeo-Amsterdam.
(2) Rodeo-Ghent. MIA R.Steele (62)
63rd FS TD to RAF Kenley,Biggin Hill and Tangmere.

30th. Ramrod-Kassel. Claims: 3-2-1 MIA: J Horton (61),R Stover (62)

31st. Circus-Doullens. Uneventful

August 1943

9th. Rodeo-Rotterdam. Uneventful.

12th. First use of belly tanks
(1) Ramrod-Gelsenkirchen pen.
(2) Ramrod-Gelsenkirchen w/d Claims: 0-0-1

14th. Circus-Tessel Island. Uneventful.

(1) Rodeo-Rotterdam. Uneventful.
(2) Ramrod-Kassel. Uneventful.

16th. Ramrod-Paris/Le Bourget. MIA: G.Spaleny (62)

(1) Ramrod-Regensburg pen.(2) Ramrod-Regensburg w/d
Claims: 17-1-9
First triple victories. G.W.Johnson (61), G Schiltz (63) MIA: V.Day (62), R Stultz (62), A Sugas (63)

19th. Ramrod-Gilze Rijen. Claims : 9-0-3 MIA: G.Hodges

22nd. C Saux (62) and D Tettemer (62) killed in training flight.

23rd. Rodeo-Gilze Rijen. Uneventful.

24th. Ramrod-Evreux. Claims : 3-0-2

25th. Rodeo-Bethune. Uneventful.

31st. Ramrod-Amiens/Glissy. Uneventful.

September 1943

2nd. Ramrod-Brussels. MIA: W.Van Abel (63),W Hannigan (63) WIA: J Wogt (63).

(1) Ramrod-Romilly pen.
(2) Rodeo-Woensdrecht.
Claims: 4-0-0 MIA: H Bevins (61)

4th. Rodeo-Antwerp. Uneventful.

6th. Ramrod-Stuttgart pen. Uneventful.

7th. First B24 escort.
Ramrod-Leeuwarden pen. Claims: 2-0-0

8th. Rodeo-Ghent. Uneventful.

(1) Ramrod-Beauvais Tille pen.
(2) Ramrod-Evreux Fauville.
Claims: 1-0-0.

14th. Rodeo-Woensdrecht. Uneventful.

15th. Ramrod-Romilly pen. Uneventful.

16th. Ramrod-Nantes pen. Up Tangmere. Claims: 2-0-0

(1) Rodeo-Armentieres.Uneventful.
(2) Rodeo-Lille. Uneventful.

(1) Ramrod-Nantes pen. Up Thorney Island. Uneventful.
(2) Ramrod-Nantes pen. Up Thorney Island. Uneventful.

26th. Ramrod-Reims pen. Uneventful.

27th. Ramrod-Emden. Claims: 5-0-0 MIA: H Dugas (63)

October 1943

2nd. Ramrod-Emden. Claims: 3-0-0

4th. Ramrod-Frankfurt. Claims: 15-2-1.
Triple claims W.Mahurin (63), V Ludwig (63)

8th. Ramrod-Bremen. Claims: 5-1-4. MIA: D Fleming(63)

10th. Ramdod-Munster. Claims: 10-1-2.

14th Ramrod-Schweinfurt. Claims 3-0-1

18th. Ramrod-Duren. Claims: 1-0-2

20th. Ramrod-Duren. Claims: 2-1-2

22nd. Ramrod-Cambrai. Recalled.

24th. First B-26 escort. Ramrod-St Andre de L'Eure. pen. Uneventful.

November 1943

3rd. Ramrod-Wilhelmshaven w/d. Claims:4-0-1

5th. Ramrod-Munster pen. Claims:6-0-3. G Hall(63) scores groups 100th victory.

7th. Ramrod-Wesel pen. MIA: R Sheehan(63) evades.

11th. Ramrod-Munster w/d. Claims:5-0-1 MIA: W O'Conner (63), M Van Meter (62)

13th. Ramrod-Emden w/d. Uneventful.

17th. H Coronios (62) killed in training flight.

19th. Ramrod-Gelsenkirchen pen. Uneventful.

25th. First fighter/bomber mission (500lb bombs) with B-24s-St Omer/Longueness.

26th. Ramrod-Bremen w/d. Claims: 23-3-9 New ETO record. MIA: B Morrill (62)

29th. Ramrod-Bremen pen.Claims: 6-2-2 MIA: F Windmayer (63). WIA J Wilson (63)

30th. Ramrod-Selingen. MIA W Grosvenor (61).

December 1943

1st. Ramrod-Solingen. Claims: 3-0-1 MIA: C Brown (61),H Pruden (62), V Ludwig (63)

4th. Escort 353rd FG divebombing-Gulze Rijen

5th. Ramrod-Paris. MIA: G Goldstein (62)

11th Ramrod-Emden.
Claims: 17-0-6. Triples P Conger (61), D Smith (61), R Lamb (61). MIA: E Kruer (61), L Strand (61)

13th. Ramrod-Bremen. Uneventful.

20th. Ramrod-Bremen. Claims: 5-1-2 MIA: R Taylor (62)

22nd. Ramrod-Osnabruck. Claims: 4-0-0

23rd. Escort 353rd FG dive bombing Gilze Rijen.

24th Ramrod-Cambrai. Uneventful.

30th. Ramrod-Ludwigshaven. Claims 1-0-1

31st. Ramrod-LaRochelle. Claims:2-0-0 MIA: W Marangello (61).

January 1944

4th. Ramrod-Munster pen. Claims: 1-0-0.
First use of paddleblade prop.

5th. Ramrod-Ruhr pen. Claims: 4-0-0

7th. Ramrod-Ludwigshaven w/d. Uneventful.

First "A" and "B" Group mission.
Ramrod-Halberstadt-Brunswick. A & B pen. Claims: 10-2-7. Second triple. G. Schiltz (63)

14th. Area support-Pas de Calais. A & B. WIA: P. Neyland.

21st. Area support-Pas de Calais. A & B. Claims: 1-0-1 MIA: A Dimmick (61)

24th. First "Bouncing Squadron".
Area support-Rheydt, Brussels. A & B.

29th. Ramrod-Frankfurt. A & B-w/d. Claims: 6-1-1. MIA: K Lewis (63)

30th. Ramrod-Brunswick. A & B w/d. Claims:16-1-6
The group's 200th victory is dedicated to President Roosevelt on his birthday.

31st. Ramrod-Pas de Calais. A & B.

February 1944

3rd. Ramrod-Wilhelmshaven.A & B pen. Claims : 2-1-1 MIA: L Langdon (63)

4th. Ramrod-Ruhr. A & B w/d. Claims: 4-0-4

5th. Ramrod-Paris. A & B. MIA: J Patton (63)

6th. Ramrod-Pas de Calais area. A & B. Claims: 5-0-1. WIA: D Thompson (61)

8th. Ramrod-Frankfurt. A group pen., B group w/d. Claims: 1-1-1

10th. Ramrod-Brunswick. A & B w/d.

11th. Ramrod-Frankfurt. A & B pen.
First enemy aircraft destroyed on the ground at Juvincourt. Claims: 5-0-1 (air) 1-0-5 (ground)

20th. Ramrod-Leipzig. A & B pen. Claims: 14-2-12 (air) 0-0-6 (ground)
Triple score L Schreiber (62) First use of 150 gal belly tanks.

21st. Ramrod-Brunswick. A & B w/d. Claims: 12-0-3

24th. Ramrod-Schweinfurt.A & B pen. Claims: 9-1-7 (air) 0-0-2 (ground) MIA: W Kelley (62)

25th. Ramrod-Augsburg. A & B w/d. Claims: 2-0-1

28th. Ramrod-Pas de Calais. A & B.

29th. Ramrod-Brunswick. A & B pen. Claims: 1-0-0

March 1944

2nd. Ramrod-Frankfurt. A & B w/d. Claims: 1-0-0 MIA: E. Rougeau (62)

3rd. Ramrod-Wilhelmshaven. A & B pen.

4th. Ramrod-Berlin. A group pen., B group w/d. MIA: I Valenta (62).

6th. Ramrod-Berlin. A & B pen. Claims: 10-2-4 (air) 1-0-2 (ground)
Triple score:H Zemke. MIA: A Stauss (61). WIA: P Conger (61).

8th. Ramrod-Berlin. A & B pen. New ETO record.
Claims: 27-2-9 (air) 2-2-5 (ground)
300th enemy aircraft destroyed. Triple score: W Mahurin (63), J Bennett (61)
MIA:J Icard (62); F Roy (62); C Reeder (62); A Cacione (62); J Marcotte (63)

9th. Ramrod-Berlin. A & B pen.

15th. Ramrod-Brunswick. A & B pen. Claims: 24-1-10. Triple score: R.S Johnson.
MIA: J Kozey (61)

16th.Ramrod-Friedrichshafen. A & B pen. Claims 11-1-5

18th. Ramrod-Friedrichshafen. A & B w/d Claims 2-0-1

20th. Ramrod-Frankfurt. A w/d, B pen. Claims: 2-1-0 (air) 1-0-0 (ground)

22nd. First A-B-C Group mission.
Ramrod-Berlin pen. Claims: 0-0-1 (ground).
MIA: M Wood (61); D Funcheon (61); C Mussey (61); D Stream (61)

23rd. Ramrod-Bramsche. A group pen., B group w/d

24th. Ramrod-Schweinfurt. A & B pen.
27th. Ramrod-Bordeaux and Chartres. A & B w/d. Claims 4-0-0 (air) 1-0-1 ( ground)
MIA: G Johnson (63); W Mahurin (63); E Everett (63); J Fields (62). WIA: W Merrill (62)

28th. Ramrod-Dijon. A & B w/d

29th. Ramrod-Brunswick. A & B w/d. Claims: 2-0-1

April 1944

1st. Ramrod-Strasbourg. A & B pen. MIA: T Owens (61)

5th. First strafing sweep of enemy airfields. A & B groups. 10/10ths cloud coverage

8th. Ramrod-Hesepe. A & B w/d. Claims: 3-0-0 (ground)

9th. Ramrod-Tutow-Poznan. A & B pen. Claims: 8-0-5 (air) 4-1-6 (ground)
Triple score: D Schilling. MIA: A Canizares (62)

10th. Ramrod-Brussels and Courcelles. A & B pen.
(1) Ramrod-Serau-Cottbus. A & B w/d.
(2) Ramrod-Courcelles. A & B pen. Claims: 1-0-2 (ground)

12th. Strafing sweep. Bremen area. A & B groups

13th. Ramrod-Augsburg. A & B w/d. Claims: 3-0-1

15th. Strafing sweep. Husum and Schleswig airfields. A & B groups
Claims: 5-0-6 (air) 12-2-11 (ground). Triple score: H Zemke
MIA: L Schreiber (62); C Harrison (62); D Mudge (61)

18th. Ramrod-Berlin. A & B w/d

19th. Ramrod-Lippstadt. A & B w/d

20th. Area support-Pas de Calais. A & B groups. Claims: 1-0-0

22nd. Ramrod-Hamm. A & B w/d. G Bracken (61); A Robey (63) killed in training flights

24th. Ramrod-Landsberg. A & B pen. Strafed Thalheim airfield
Claims 14-0-15 (ground) Triple ground scores: J Truluck (63); W Kerr (63)

25th. Ramrod-Metz. A & B w/d. Claims: 3-0-6 (ground)

26th. Ramrod-Paderborn. A & B pen.

(1) Type 16 Control. Pas de Calais. A & B groups
(2) Ramrod-Luneville and Le Culet. A & B pen.

(1) Dive bombing mission (fragmentation bombs). Airfield near Paris
(2) Type 16-Chartres. A & B groups.

(1) Ramrod-Berin. A & B patrolled Bremen area.
(2) Ramrod-Berlin. A & B w/d. Claims: 0-0-1 WIA: S Hamiliton (61)

30th. Ramrod-Lyon/Bron. A & B w/d
G Lovett (63) killed in training flight

May 1944

1st. Type 16 Control-Liege and Charleroi area. A & B groups

4th. Rodeo-Hannover and Brunswick. A & B groups. Bombers recalled. Claims: 3-0-1

6th. Type 16 Control-Pas de Calais. A & B groups

(1) Ramrod-Berlin. A & B area support-Rotenburg
(2) Ramrod-Liege w/d

Ramrod-Berlin. A group pen.
Rodeo-Brunswick. B group.
Claims: 6-1-1. MIA: G Lewis (62). WIA: T Buzsko (62)

9th. Ramrod-Laon-Couvron. A & B groups

11th. Ramrod-Chaumont-Epinal. pen.

12th. First Zemke Fan. A & B groups sweep Frankfurt area. Claims: 18-2-2.
400th enemy aircraft destroyed. R Rankin (61) destroys 5 e/a. J Wakefield destroys 3.
MIA: P Piper (63); W.Johnson (63); J Greene (62).

13th. Ramrod-Tutow and Politz. A group pen., B group w/d. Claims: 5-1-0

17th. J Elliot (62) killed in training flight

19th. Ramrod-Brunswick.pen. Claims:5-0-1

20th. Ramrod-Liege

21st. Ramrod-Marquise. A & B groups.

(1) First glide bombing mission (500lb bombs) Hasselt.
(2) Zemke fan-Munster area. Claims: 11-2-4
Triple score F.Gabreski. MIA: C Nale (61); R Heineman (61)

23rd. Ramrod-Epinal-Metz.pen.
24th. (1) Ramrod-Berlin. pen.(2) Dive bombing-Verberie

25th. Ramrod-Nancy

(1) Ramrod-Ludwigshafen-pen.
(2) Ramrod-Pas de Calais.
(3) Dive bombing convoy-Holland-Schiep Canal.

28th. Ramrod-Dessau.pen.

29th. Ramrod-Tutow.pen.

(1) First "Droopsnoot" mission. (1000lb bombs) Chantilly bridge destroyed.
(2) Ramrod-Halberstadt.pen.

(1) Ramrod-Hamm.pen.(2) Droopsnoot ( 500lb incendiary). Gutersloh airfield. Claims 5-1-3

June 1944

2nd. Ramrod-Boulogne-area support in Lille.

3rd. Type 16 Control-Paris area.

(1) Type 16 Control-Lille.
(2) Ramrod-St Avord airfield.

5th. Type 16 Control-Rouen, Le Havre.

6th. D-Day.
The 56th Fighter Group flew 8 missions in support of the Allied invasion of occupied Europe.
First Take off-03.36hrs. Claims 3-0-0. MIA: E McMinn (61)

The 56th Fighter Group flew 8 dive bombing missions is support of the Allied invasion. Claims: 12-1-4.
MIA: H Warner (63); W McClure (62); E Bennett (62); D Furlong (62); A Evans (62)

(1) Ramrod-Dreux airfield.
(2) Dive bombing-Pitres. Claims: 7-0-0. Triple score: W Edens (62)

The group flew three dive/skip bombing missions in support of the Allied troops. MIA: J Vitale (62)

11th. Dive bombing-Mayenne area. A & B groups. Claims 1-0-0 (ground)

12th. A group-Dive bombing Argentan. B group-Type 16. Claims 5-0-7

13th. Dive bombing-Saumun area. MIA: Z Janicki.P.A.F (61)

(1) Rodeo-Senlin area.
(2) Dive bombing-Poix airfield. Claims: 0-0-3

15th. Ramrod-airfields in the Paris area.

16th. Area support-Dreaux area. Claims: 1-0-0

(1) Ramrod-Le Mans
(2) Ramrod-Angers

(1) Ramrod-Bremen
(2) Dive bombing-Pontivy area

(1) Ramrod-Hamburg
(2) Area support-Lille

21st. Ramrod-Ruhland pen. MIA: H Matthews (63)

(1) Area patrol-Montdidier
(2) Dive bombing-Compiegne area. KIA: C Tucker (62)

23rd. Ramrod-airfields in Paris area

24th.Dive bombing-Montdidier airfield. Claims: 1-0-0 (ground)

(1) Ramrod-airfields in Southern France.pen.
(2) Ramrod-Pas de Calais

27th. Dive bombing-Connantre airfield. claims: 6-1-2

28th. Dive bombing-La Perthe airfield.

(1) Ramrod-Oschersleben pen.
(2) Ramrod-Oschersleben w/d.

30th. Dive bombing-Joigny. Claims: 1-0-0


(1) Ramrod-Beaumont Sur Oise.
(2) Dive bombing-Conches airfield. Claims: 20-0-12. Triple score: G Bostwick (62).
MIA: S Dale (63) WIA: D Sherdian (62)

5th. w/d support to B-17s from Italy. Claims: 11-0-4 Triple score: R Keen (61). MIA: T.Sullivan (61).

(1) Bomb/strafe traffic between Chartres and Paris.
(2) Ramrod-Evreux. Claims: 5-0-0. MIA: S Lowman (63).

7th. Ramrod-Leipzig. A group pen, B group w/d.
Claims: 10-0-0 (air) 1-0-0 (ground)
F Christensen (62) destroys six enemy aircraft; W Edens (62) destroys three.

(1) Ramrod-Rouen.
(2) Dive bombing-St Andre de l'Eure airfield. (260lb fragmentation bombs)

11th. Ramrod-Munich A group pen, B group w/d.

12th. Ramrod-Munich. pen.

13th. Ramrod-Munich. w/d. MIA: J Palmer (62).

14th. Ramrod-Peronne airfield.pen.

15th. Dive bombing-La Chapelle airfield, Vendrome marshalling yards. MIA: R Jenkins (63).

16th. Ramrod-Saarbrucken.pen.

19th. Ramrod-Augsburg. A & B groups. MIA: J Egan (63).

20th. Ramrod-Russelsheim pen. Claims: 8-0-8 (ground) Triple score: W Barnes (61) MIA: F Gabreski (61).

21st. Ramrod-Saarbrucken. A & B groups pen.

24th. Ramrod-Normandy. Strafed Villaroche airfield. Claims: 1-0-1 (ground)

(1) Droopsnoot-Bois de Mont.
(2) Rodeo-Rouen area.

26th. Dive bombing (fire bombs)-St Just en Chaussee fuel dump.

27th. Dive bombing-Abancourt marshalling yard.

28th. Rodeo-Abbeville, Amiens area.

29th. Ramrod-Merseberg w/d.

31st. Ramrod-airfields in France. A & B groups.

August 1944

1st. Type 16 Control-Evreaux area. Claims: 0-0-3 Trucks and Howitzers.

2nd. Dive bombing-Amiens-Courtrai area. MEW control.

3rd. Dive bombing-Saarebourg marshalling yards.
Claims: 1-0-0 (air) 17-0-14 locomotives, 1-0-112 boxcars MIA: R Stewart (63).

(1) Ramrod-Bremen and Heide. A & B groups.
(2) Dive bombing-Plantlunne airfield. Claims: 1-0-0 (air), 8-0-5 (ground).

5th. Ramrod-Nienburg. Claims: 4-0-4 locomotives,2-0-26 boxcars.

A group. Ramrod-Hamburg.
B group. Type 16 Control-Rouen. Claims: 4-0-2 locomotives.

(1) Dive bombing-Albert marshalling yards-A group.
(2) Dive bombing-Albert marshalling yards-B group.
MIA: R W Magel (63), A Maul (61) mid air collision.

8th. Dive bombing-St Just marshalling yards. Claims: 13-0-57 boxcars.

(1) Ramrod-Trier. Claims: 7-0-17 locomotives, one crewless B-24.
(2) Strafing mission, St Disier area. Claims: 20-0-5 oil cars.

(1) Dive bombing-Namur area.
(2) Dive bombing-Muizon marshalling yards. Claims: 38-0-17 railroad and ammo cars.
J Eaves (62) killed in training flight.

11th. Type 16 Control-Chartres area.

(1) Dive bombing-Laon/Brussels area. A & B groups.
(2) Dive bombing-Fournies/Mauberge marshalling yards.
Claims: 2-0-0 (air), 90-0-163 boxcars, 27-0-3 locomotives. 36-0-23 trucks. MIA: W Barnes (61).

(1) Dive bombing-Rouen area. A & B groups.
(2) Dive bombing-Rouen area. A & B groups.
Claims: 21-0-90 box cars/locomotives.

A group. Dive bombing-Hirson marshalling yards.
B group. Ramrod-Dijon.
Claims: 30-0-58 boxcars. MEW control.

(1) Stalking St Trond-le Culot airfields prior to RAF bombing. MEW control.
(2) Dive bombing-Braine le Comte marshalling yards.
MIA: R Campbell (63). Claims: 1-0-1 (ground).

16th. Fan ahead of bombers-Dummer Lake. Claims: 0-0-3 (ground).

17th. First use of rockets by 56th FG.
Dive bombing Braine le Comte and Ghent. A & B groups. Claims: 14-0-9 locomotives,7-0-77 boxcars.

18th. First use of spike bombs.
(1) Dive bombing-Amiens area.
(2) Dive bombing-Rouen area.
Claims: 31-0-23 boxcars.

23rd. Spike and dive bombing-Hamm area marshalling yards. Claims: 21-0-90 box and oil cars.

24th. Ramrod-Brunswick. Tgt and w/d. Strafed marshalling yards after breaking escort.

(1) Ramrod-Lubeck.
(2) Ramrod-Henin Lietard. Strafed on w/d.

26th. Ramrod-Emmerich. WIA: W Flagg (63).

(1) Dive bombing-Kaiserslautern area.
(2) Dive bombing-Kaiserslautern area.
Claims: 40-0-154 boxcars, 15-0-9 locomotives. MIA: T Price (62)

(1) Dive bombing-Saarbrucken. Claims: 6-0-0 (air) 1-0-2 (ground)
(2) Dive bombing-Mons area. MEW control. Claims: 10-0-40 boxcars.

29th. Dive bombing-Rethel area. Claims: 107-0-51 trucks, 45-0-9 wagons.

September 1944

(1) Dive bombing and strafing-Eindhoven area.
(2) Strafing sweep-St Trond and Namur area.
Claims: 44-0-15 buzz bomb cars, 51-0-28 trucks.

2nd. Rhubarb-Flak busting-Knocke-Ostend. Claims: 5-0-0 gun positions, 31-0-9 trucks.

(1) Strafing sweep-Merzhausen/Kuneburg airfields.
(2) Strafing sweep-Gelnhausen airfield.
New ETO record.
Confirmed claims:8-1-12 (air), 60-0-35 (ground). MIA: W Heaton (61), C Frye (63), E Hertel (61).

6th. Strafing sweep-Aachen Liege. Claims: 30-0-18 trucks tanks and soldiers.

8th. Dive bombing-Euskirchen airfield. Claims: 8-0-6 (ground) 30-0-18 trucks.

9th. Dive bombing-Dutch islands. Claims: 28-0-5 railway cars, 31-0-9 wagons.
MIA: R Fling (63), E Henderson (63).

10th. Ramrod-Nurnburg. Strafing Seligenstadt airfield. Claims: 2-0-2 (ground)
MIA: M Quirk (62), W Edens (62).

11th. Ramrod-Magdeburg, tgt and w/d. Railroad strafing when released from escort.

12th. Ramrod-Magdeburg. Claims: 3-0-1 (air). J Allen (62) killed in training flight.

13th. Ramrod-Merseburg. Uneventful.

16th. Dive bombing-Ahlorn airfield. Claims: 3-0-1 (ground)

17th. Flak busting for Market Garden landings. Claims: 20-0-3 flak positions, 18-0-13 goods cars.
MIA: E Albright (63). WIA: McMahan (62), Westman (61).

18th. Flak busting-Holland. B-24's dropping supplies to paratroops.
MIA: G Stevens (63); E Raymond (63); R Kelley (63); W Edwards (62); W McElhare (62).
WIA: T Guerrero (63); W Hartshorn (61); G Hodges (62). Sixteen P-47's lost.

19th. Ramrod-Hamm. Uneventful.

20th. Flak busting-Nijmegen in support of airborne operations.

21st. Area support of airborne operations. Claims: 15-0-1. Triple score: D Schilling.
MIA: O Cagle (63); H Spicer (63).

22nd. Rodeo-Arnhem area. Patrol for airborne operations.

26th. Rodeo-Arnhem area. Patrol for airborned operations.

27th. Ramrod-Kassel. Sweep ahead of bombers. MEW control. Uneventful.

28th. Ramrod-Kassel. MIA: W Pitts (63).

30th. Ramrod-Hamm tgt and w/d. Uneventful.

October 1944

2nd. Ramrod-Kassel. Sweep ahead of bombers. Uneventful.

3rd. Ramrod-Lachen-Speyerdorf. Uneventful.

5th. Ramrod-Paderborn pen. Claims: 0-0-1 (air) 14-0-7 (ground).

6th. Ramrod-Hamburg. Uneventful.

7th. Ramrod-Madgeburg.Uneventful.

9th. Ramrod-Wiesbaden w/d. Uneventful.

11th. Ramrod-Koblenz. MIA: J DeMayo (63).

12th. Ramrod-Cloppenburg pen. Claims: 1-1-0.

14th. Ramrod-Cologne. Uneventful.

15th. Dive bombing-para frags. Gutersloh area. Claims: 1-0-1 (ground).

17th. Ramrod-Cologne pen and w/d. Uneventful.

18th. Ramrod-Cologne. MEW control. Uneventful.

19th. Ramrod-Mannheim. Uneventful.

22nd. Ramrod-Brunswick.Sweep ahead of bombers. Uneventful.

24th. Neinburg area. Fragmentation bomb attack, ground installations.
MIA: W Osborne (61), G Choate (62).

25th. Ramrod-Gelsenkirchen. Major L Smith ( Group Leader) used 62nd FS as flak decoy for bombers.

26th. Ramrod-Minden. Sweep ahead of bombers to target. Uneventful.

30th. Ramrod-Hamburg. A & B groups. Uneventful.

November 1944

1st. Ramrod-Gelsenkirchen. Claims: 1/2-0-0. (shared with 352nd FG) First jet claim. W Groce (63).

2nd. Ramrod-Bielefeld. C Woock (61) battle damage from jet attack.

4th. Ramrod-Gelsenkirchen. Uneventful.

5th. Ramrod-Karlsruhe. Sweep ahead of bombers-strafing.
MIA: R Healy (63); A Henry (63). Claims: 4-0-2 locomotives, 3-0-39 Boxcars.

6th. Ramrod-Starkrade. Claims: 0-0-1 (air).

8th. Ramrod-Leipzig. tgt support and w/d. Strafing after released from escort.

9th. Dive bombing marshalling yards vicinity of Aschaffenburg.
Claims: 16-0-7 locomotives, 3-0-26 trucks on flat cars.

10th. Dive bombing-Ludwigslust marshalling yards and bridges.
Claims: 10-0-1 locomotives, 66-0-5 trucks and flat cars.

11th. Ramrod-Bettrop. High cover to bombers. Uneventful.

16th. Area patrol-Aachen for 9th AF medium bombers. Uneventful.

18th. Strafing-Langenselbold (oil storage) and Schaafheim airfield.
Claims: 11-3-4 (air), 5-0-1 (ground). MIA; J DeMars (61), G Blake (61).

20th. Dive bombing-Bonn area. MIA: R Bradford (63) Claims: 4-0-30 flak positions, 6-0-32 trucks.

21st. Ramrod-Hamburg. Uneventful.

25th. Ramrod-Bingen marshalling yards. A & B groups. MEW control. Uneventful.

26th. Ramrod-Bielefeld. MEW control. Twentyfour planes landed away from base.

27th. Abandoned strafing mission in north Germany when vectored to enemy aircraft by Nuthouse.
Claims: 3-0-0. MIA: L Czarnota (63)

29th. Ramrod-Bielefeld. Freelance support to bombers under MEW control. Uneventful.

30th. Ramrod-Neuenkirchen. A & B groups under MEW control.
MIA: A Calmes (62) Claims: 4-0-0 locomotives, 0-0-85 boxcars.

December 1944

2nd. MEW control. Sweep ahead of bombers. Cologne-Frankfurt.
Claims: 11-1-3 (air). MIA: E Barnum (61), W Baker (63), D Allayaud (62).

4th. MEW control. Strafing of Neuburg airfield. Claims: 14-1-12 (ground) WIA R Hall (62)

5th. Ramrod-Munster. MEW control. Uneventful. B Miller (61) wounded in crash landing.

10th. Ramrod-Bingen marshalling yards. MEW control. uneventful.

11th. Ramrod-Maximiliansau. MEW control.
All planes landed away from base due to weather. Two pilots bailed out.

12th. Ramrod-Hanau. MEW Control. Uneventful.

14th. L Buchmiller (62) killed in training.

15th. Ramrod-hanover. MEW control. Uneventful.

18th. MEW control. Freelance for bombers. German Salient. MIA: W Haggard (62)

23rd. MEW control-Liege,Bonn,Koblenz.
Claims: 37-1-16 (air) D Schilling destroys 5 enemy aircraft. MIA: C Carlson (62), L Brown (62), J Lewis (63).

24th. MEW control-Liege, Bonn, Koblenz. Uneventful.

25th. MEW control-Liege, Bonn,Koblenz. Claims: 8-0-0 (air).

26th. MEW control-Liege, Bonn, Koblenz. Claims: 3-0-0 (air).

27th. MEW control-Freelance-Koblenz. Uneventful.

28th. MEW control-Freelance-Koblenz. Uneventful.

29th. MEW control-Liege, Bonn, Koblenz. Uneventful.

30th. MEW control-Freelance-Bonn. Uneventful.

31st. Ramrod-Hannover. MEW control. Claims: 5-0-2 (air) MIA: A Chasko (62) W Stovall (62)

January 1945

1st. Ramrod-Hannover. A & B groups. MEW control. Weather delayed take off. Uneventful.

2nd. Ramrod to five Rhine bridges. A & B groups. Uneventful.

3rd. Freelance-Trier, Frankfurt, Cologne. A & B groups. Uneventful.

5th. First high level bombing under MEW control. Target Siegen. 10/10th overcast.

6th. MEW bombing Siegen. A & B groups.Intense flak over battle lines.

7th. Patrol-Aachen, Cologne under MEW control, Uneventful.

10th. Patrol-Laacher Lake, Cologne. Uneventful.

13th. Patrol Koblenz. MEW control. Uneventful.

14th. Fighter Sweep-magdeburg. A & B groups. Claims: 19-2-1 (air).
MIA: J Wither (61), J Hedke (61). WIA. T Queen (63).

15th. Ramrod-Strasbourg. Uneventful.

16th. Freelance-Hannover. Weather prevented landings at base. Two bailed out A.S.R cleared station.

17th. Ramrod-Hamburg. Uneventful.

21st. Ramrod-Heilbronn. Claims: 2-0-0 (ground) 0-0-20 box cars. R Hall (63) Killed on take off.

22nd. Ramrod-Sterkrade. MEW control. Uneventful.

29th. Ramrod-Bielefeld. Claims: 0-0-1 (ground), 20-0-0 soldiers, 4-0-0 flak positions.

February 1945

3rd. Fighter sweep-berlin. MEW control. Claims: 8-1-6 (air). MIA: D Magel (63).

4th. K Smith (62) killed in training.

6th. Fighter sweep. Magdeburg. Uneventful.

9th. Ramrod-Bielefeld. MEW control. Uneventful.

14th. Ramrod-Magdeburg. A & B group. Uneventful.

18th. B Fisher (61) Killed in training.

19th. Ramrod-Siegen. Uneventful.

20th. Fighter sweep-Nurnburg. Uneventful.

21st. Ramrod-Nurnburg. Uneventful.

22nd. Ramrod-Halberstadt. Claims: 6-0-10 trucks.

23rd. Ramrod-Gera. Uneventful.

25th. Fighter sweep-Giessen. Claims: 9-0-49 trucks. 1-0-0 ammunition train.

26th. Ramrod-Berlin. No enemy aircraft reaction.

27th. Fighter sweep-Halle. Claims: 4-0-3 (ground), 0-0-76 railroad cars.

28th. Fighter bombing-Ruthen Oil depot. Caims: 3-0-2 locomotives, 4-0-58 railroad cars.

March 1945

2nd. Ramrod-Magdeburg. Uneventful.

3rd. Ramrod-Nienburg. Uneventful.

4th. Ramrod-Aschaffenburg. Uneventful.

5th.Area support-Hamburg. Uneventful.

7th. Ramrod-Soest. Uneventful.

8th. Patrol-Munster, Dummer Lake. MEW control. Uneventful.

10th. Patrol-Remagen Bridge. Claims: 2-0-0 (air).

11th. Area patrol. Kiel. Uneventful. F Aheron (62) killed in training.

12th. Area patrol-Siegen, Giessen. Uneventful.

13th. L Hines (61) and R Tuttle (61) killed in training.

14th. Ramrod-Holzwickede. Claims: 3-0-0 (air) MIA: E Townsend (62).

15th. Patrol-berlin. A & B groups. W Scherz killed in take off.

23rd. T Bokina (63) Killed in training.

24th. Patrol-Dummer Lake. Uneventful.
Area patrol-Giessen. Uneventful.

25th. Ramrod-Hitzacker. Claims: 2-0-1 (jets)

27th. Escort Lancasters to Paderborn. Uneventful.

30th. Ramrod-Wilhelmshaven. Uneventful.

31st. Escort-Hassel. A & B groups. Claims: 0-0-1 (jets)

April 1945

1st. J Frazier killed in training.

2nd. Escort to Aalborg. Aborted due to bad weather.

4th. Ramrod-Perleberg. A & B groups. Claims: 1-0-2 (air)

5th. Ramrod-Plauen. MEW control. Claims: 1-0-1 (jet)

6th. Ramrod-Halle. Uneventful. J DelCorso (61) killed in training.

7th. Ramrod-Duneburg and Krummel. A & B groups. Claims: 5-0-1 (air)

8th. Ramrod-Halbersdorf. A & B groups. Uneventful.

9th. Freelance-Regensburg. Uneventful.

10th. Fighter sweep-Berlin. Claims: 2-0-1 (air), 45 1/2-0-53 (ground) MIA: P Stitt (62)

11th. Ramrod-Amberg. A & B groups. Uneventful.

12th. E Lightfoot killed in training.

13th. Freelance-Eggebek. Claims: 90-0-81 (ground) MIA: W Hoffman.

16th. Ramrod-Rosenheim. A & B groups. Claims: 4-0-5 (ground) MIA: E Appel (62).

17th. Ramrod-Geroun A & B groups.

18th. Freelance-Passau. Uneventful.

20th. Ramrod-Muhldorf. A & B groups. Uneventful.

A group. Ramrod-Salzburg.
B group. Freelance Munich.
Bombers aborted and A group joined B group. Uneventful.
Last 56th Fighter Group mission.